About the Artist

Kada Barbour

I am a knowledge driven, curious artist, seeking to deliver natural cosmetic tattooing results while educating my clients along the way.

About ME

As a cosmetic tattoo artist, my goal is to not change the way others look, but to enhance your natural beauty to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. All while educating my clients to ensure realistic expectations and transparency are always at the forefront.

The Story behind Mikaila Keana

I am a perfectionist and enjoy working meticulously to bring natural results and always keeping the long term in mind.

In 2017, I started my Cosmetic Tattooing career, with Brow House KC, which in 2021 evolved to Mikaila Keana Cosmetic Tattoo, serving over 2,000 clients in the Kansas City area. With a license in tattooing and over 30 certifications, in a wide variety of brow and lip techniques from artists all over the world, I am able to better understand each individual client and how to approach their unique needs and goals.

Besides working with clients, I have a passion for continuing my education to learn the most innovative techniques in the permanent makeup industry. To understand the “why” behind the “how”, to be able to always expand not only my own knowledge but to share that with other artists and clients as well. The more we all know and understand, the better this industry can only get and those we serve.

Expanding & Whats Next

Expanding Mikaila Keana Cosmetic Tattoo to Oahu has been a dream and the best challenge. Outside of my career, family holds the utmost importance. So after 8+ years of being an ocean away from my family,  I am happy to have all that I love in the same place and look forward to all the clients I will meet on Oahu!


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1101 Mulberry Street, Kansas City
Missouri, 64101